Anna-Marie Scholtz

Anna-Marie is a qualified Interior Designer and keen artist that has always leaned more towards the creative side.  
Her practical design and eye for detail lead to creating warm and cozy spaces.  
She loves injecting personality back into a rundown space and tuning it into a space that oozes warmth.

She is also budget orientated and works hard on keeping projects within the budget set by the client. Her personal and project management skills turns every project into a success.
Combined with her business ventures and being a high school teacher in her past life she has learnt to communicate with an array of people.


In 1996 Anna-Marie and her husband, Allen, left permanent employment and embarked on their first of many adventures and bought a carpet shop. Within a short time they turned the shop around from a struggling business into a thriving success which allowed them to diversify and branch out to new opportunities.  They added a picture framing and Upholstery business to their portfolio.  

During this time they also embarked on developing a small complex of 5 shops. They also aquired several residential properties that were renovated and either rented or sold.

In 2000 Allen and Anna-Marie decided to immigrate to New Zealand and all their businesses were sold. They arrived in NZ in July 2001.

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