Allen Scholtz

Allen is our main man for all things building and painting.


Allen has been in construction and project management for the past 30 years. His skills and qualifications as a Civil Engineer equipped him well for the directions he has taken and although projects are now much smaller, the same maticulus effort and detail is given.

In 1996 Allen and his wife, Anna-Marie, left permanent employment and embarked on their first of many adventures and bought a carpet shop. Within a short time they turned the shop around from a struggling business and after 2 years sold the business. While busy with the carpet shop, they started a picture framing business and continued with this when the carpet shop was sold. They then bought an upholstery business and in the following years turned this in to a thriving business, which complimented the picture framing.

At the same time the property game continued and they developed a small complex of 5 shops, of which two were used by their businesses. They also aquired several residential properties that were renovated and either rented or sold.

In 2000 Allen and Anna-Marie decided to immigrate to New Zealand and all their businesses were sold. They arrived in NZ in July 2001.

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